Hi Barbara,

Just thought I would share...I was asking the local lender this morning about an appraiser who is interested in helping me and your name came up. He did not know the candidate and ended up recommending you instead, stating that you were "...hands down, the most educated and reliable appraiser in Butte County."

Congrats!  That is quite a statement!

Best Wishes.

Sandi Bauman

The Sandi Bauman Team! at Chico Homes


Hi Barbara,

I can not thank you enough for your help today with the Tax Assessor Appeal, I as a homeowner did not carry as much credibility as you an appraiser. I know you had their ear and you did a very skillful job.  However it turns out I have huge appreciation for your time, energy and effort on our behalf today. You are a special person to help out as you did.

Thank You.

Heidi Wright

RE/MAX of Paradise

(The tax appeal was granted and the assessed value was lowered significantly)


Hi Barbara,

Our bank is FHA approved, you are the only appraiser I put on the AMC Database. They did a background check on you and you're 65 out of 65...no deficiencies...THEY LOVE YOU!!



Dear Barbara,

I would like to take a moment to thank you for the quick accurate response you gave us when we were up against the wall on a recent transaction. Your appraisal was well done and allowed us to complete a transaction that had been held up due to tardiness on the part of another appraisal firm.

We are really pleased and will send you as much appraisal or review work as we are able. Also, I would highly recommend you to others and if need be have them give me a call as I would be happy to give you my personal recommendation.

Good Luck,

G. Rosch

Regional Vice President 


Hi Barbara,

Merry Christmas! Thanks to your appraisal we only lost $22,000 on Megs Place.

God Bless,


(From a homeowner who lost his home in the Paradise fire. This card came with a $50 gift certificate for the local steak house. The insurance company was able to use the appraisal complete with interior photos.)


Dear Barbara,

Enclosed is my check for the appraisal. Thank you for getting this done so quickly and thoroughly.


Marie Martin


Hello Barbara,

Thanks very much for a job well done.

E. Foster


Dear Barbara,

I want to express my special thanks for your extradordinary efforts in the appraisal of the Chan's new home. We obviously had a very big job in convincing the lender of the sales price, but your expertise and special attention got the job done.

I was particularly appreciative of your willingness to spend extensive time both in inspecting the property and then attending the 2 hour follow-up meeting with the lender's manager. Your presence and your highly professional approach at the meeting was instrumental in their ultimate decision to accept our value.

Both Real Estate Agents who were in attendance highly praised your work. It was particularly important to me that the agents so enthusiastically recognized your contribution. It certainly reflected well on me to be associated with such high quality appraisal support.

Barbara, we now have worked together for several years. your service has always been superior. You, long ago, earned my greatest confidence. This recent transaction for the Chan's just underscores how critical it is for me as a mortgate broker to be working with "The Best". I don't know that anyone else could have obtained the same happy result that you produced.

Best Regards,

Jim Thomas



I understand that you have gone above and beyond with the appraisal for the Pentz Road property and want to thank youfor all your assistance.  It is understood the mortgage broker cannot talk to you about this property but I can assure you that she is very pleased with your efforts.

Again, Thank you!

Troy Davis


Thank you Barbara for your excellent service and quality appraisal reports. We enjoy working with you!


Butte Community Bank


Thank you Barbara,

I appreciate your helpfulness and being able to work this into your busy schedule. You made everything less stressful than I expected it to be.

E. Beam



I just want to let you know that we here in the Real Estate Department love your appraisals. I never have any problem with underwriters on your appraisals like I do with other appraisers. Our branches tend to make a lot of the decisions on who they want to order appraisals from, but anytime I have a chance to place my own order, I always love to use you. Even my manager agrees, your appraisals are among the most complete and well put togetehr. And as for as your turn times, you are among the quickest we have available. Keep up the good work!! :-)



Dear Barbara,


While reading the Sunday paper I ran across the nice article about you and your company. the article was very complimentary toward you. You should feel good about the article and the pictures!

I just wanted to let you know that we all saw it and read it, and we're proud that someone from the businesss we know is successful and redognized for it.

You are to be commended as a quality role model for women in business, as the article stated.


G. Armstrong



Dear Barbara

I want to thank you for the professional approach you took in dealing with the review appraisal on the Everett file. Your two page response was excellent and showed your knowledge no only of the market but the "value" of semi-custom high end properties. Your timely letter and follow up phone call not only saved my client's loan, but also had the Lender taking a close look at the review appraiser.

Barbara, for the last 3 years I have given you all of my appraisal business. Your service is outstanding, you always call me if there is a problem with the property and always deliver the appraisal on time. My clients often make comments about how professional the appraiser was. In addition you keep in touch with the Realtors and the pulse of wnat is happening in the purchase market.  This is why the lenders respect your appraisals. You can count on my business and support in the future.

Warm Regards,

Margaret O'Reilly